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On the Burger Trail: The cheeseburger at
The Thistle & Shamrock

Laurie Fredrich,

Despite its Celtic theme, the atmosphere at Kam's Thistle & Shamrock always reminds me a bit of a Northwoods tavern. The bar always seems to be filled with friendly neighborhood folks, and the food is still made from scratch.  >> Read more

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6 Milwaukee-area fish fries that will make you forget whatever you're giving up for Lent

Carol Deptolla, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What’s that? You wish you had more choices at a Friday fish fry? You’re wishing for the Thistle & Shamrock on the near northwest side, which is at 21 kinds of fish and counting.  >> Read more

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The Most Massive Fish Fry In Wisconsin Serves Up 21 Different Types of Fish

Shepherd Express

You wouldn't imagine that a place like this on Milwaukee's west side would be serving up Amazonian fish, but you'd be wrong. These folks have taken the iconic Wisconsin fish fry to a whole new level. They are offering up so many different fish options you'll have a hard time deciding.  >> Read more

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263 Friday fish frys and counting:
Kam’s Thistle & Shamrock

Milwaukee Record

Kam’s claims to have “Milwaukee’s biggest variety of fish,” and if by this they mean Friday fish options, they may be correct. >> Read more

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Thank Cod it's Fryday:
Kam's Thistle & Shamrock

With so many types of fish from which to choose, it only made sense to opt for combo plates so we could try a number of varieties. Among them, it was difficult to pick a favorite, since every single one was well-portioned, tasty and well executed. 
>> Read more

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